Cancer Screening Technology

Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in North Florida using Fuse® Full Spectrum Endoscopy®/ colonoscopy technology.

Cancer screening using colonoscopy is a time-tested technique for detecting and removing intestinal polyps—precancerous growths that have the potential to develop into colon cancer.

It's been more than 20 years since major improvements have been made in colonoscopy. But today, the new Fuse technology is available. Using this new technology, the gastroenterologist is able to view twice as much of the intestine and its inner folds than when using the older devices.

That's because three cameras rather than only one operate at the end of the colonoscope, giving a nearly total view of the entire surface of the large intestine—330 degrees of exposure versus 170 degrees with the older device. As a result, the gastroenterologist can identify more abnormalities.