Occupational Therapy

Our goal is to provide services holistically to enhance a person's quality of life when it has been, or will be, negatively affected by an illness, injury, disease, disorder, disability, activity limitation or surgery. We address your physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and other areas of performance that affect physical and mental health, well being and quality of life.

We will provide an initial evaluation and implement a rehabilitation program incorporating therapeutic approaches such as:

  • Splinting.
  • Hand and elbow rehabilitation.
  • Neurological rehabilitation for conditions including, but not limited to, strokes, Parkinson's disease and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Orthopedics for training in adaptive equipment and upper extremity strengthening.
  • Geriatrics for adaptive equipment, strengthening and activities of daily life modification.

Our occupational therapists may use the following techniques and more to help you regain your quality of life:

  • Methods that address deficits in strength, range of motion, and coordination of the upper extremity.
  • Splint fabrication (static and dynamic).
  • Energy conservation techniques instruction.
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations (e.g., tub benches, lower body dressing equipment, grab bars).
  • Activities of daily living instruction (e.g., dressing, bathing).
  • Adaptation to low vision.
  • Education and training of individuals, including family members and caregivers, when applicable.
  • Adaptation to multisensory and motor deficits.
  • Psychosocial performance recommendations.

Our therapeutic approaches include:

  • Ultrasound electric stimulation.
  • Cryotherapy hydrotherapy.
  • Phonophoresis iontophoresis.
  • Paraffin bath.
  • Anodyne therapy.

Contact Information

Please email us with any questions. To schedule an appointment for physical, speech or occupational therapy, please call 904.259.3151 ext. 2243.

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